Policy Forum 2015: Growing the New Economy



Session Materials and Resources

9:00am Opening Plenary
Leveraging publicly owned land for smart growth
Madeline Rogero | Mayor, Knoxville, TN | PowerPoint
Chris Koos | Mayor, Normal, IL | PowerPoint
Rick Danner | Mayor, Greer, SC | PowerPoint
10:45am Concurrent sessions
Walkable design and economic development | Audio Recording
Tommy Wells
| Director, District Department of the Environment
Gabe Klein | Senior Venture Partner, Fontinalis Partners | PowerPoint
Beth Osborne | Senior Policy Advisor, Transportation for America
Gerry Widdicombe | Director of Economic Development, Downtown DC BID
Sam Zimbabwe | Associate Director, Policy, Planning & Sustainability, District Department of Transportation | PowerPoint
Housing choice, jobs, and the workforce Audio Recording
Christopher Coes
| Director, LOCUS, Smart Growth America
Stockton Williams | Executive Director, Terwilliger Center for Housing, Urban Land Institute | PowerPoint
Lisa Bender | Councilmember, Minneapolis, MN | PowerPoint
Polly Donaldson | Director, DC Department of Housing and Community Development
Key strategies for downtown revitalization PowerPoint
John Robert Smith
| Chair, Transportation for America
Christopher Zimmerman | Vice President of Economic Development, Smart Growth America
1:15pm Concurrent sessions
Are you ready for aging baby boomers?
Joe McAndrew
| Policy Director, Transportation for America
Jeanne Anthony | Senior Project Manager, AARP Livable Communities | PowerPoint
Cheryl Cort | Policy Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth
Gail Kohn | Coordinator, Age-Friendly DC | PowerPoint
Strategies in affordable rental choice | Audio Recording
Neha Bhatt
| Director, Local Leaders Council, Smart Growth America
Ethan Handelman | Vice President, Policy and Advocacy, National Housing Conference | PowerPoint | Resources
Doug Bibby | President, National Housing Council | PowerPoint | Resources
Gwen Wright | Planning Director, Montgomery County, MD | PowerPoint
Place management to sustain healthy downtowns
Angela Fox
| President, Crystal City BID | PowerPoint
Christopher Leinberger | President, LOCUS, Smart Growth America | PowerPoint
Christopher Zimmerman | Vice President of Economic Development, Smart Growth America
2:30pm Concurrent sessions
Fighting neighborhood blight | Audio Recording
Shelly Hazle
| Deputy Director, Policy Development & Implementation, Smart Growth America
Robert Reichert | Mayor, Macon-Bibb, GA | Video
Rushern Baker | County Executive, Prince George’s County, MD | PowerPoint
Howard Ways | Executive Director, Redevelopment Authority, Prince George’s County, MD | PowerPoint
Stand out programs in affordable housing | Audio Recording
Patrick Wojahn | Councilmember, College Park, MD
Chris Kizzie | Director, Enterprise Community Partners | PowerPoint
Danilo Pelletiere | Economist, HUD Office of Policy Development and Research | Resources
David Cristeal | Housing Director, Arlington County, VA | PowerPoint
Revitalization strategies applied: Your stories
John Robert Smith
| Chair, Transportation for America
Christopher Leinberger | President, LOCUS, Smart Growth America
Christopher Zimmerman | Vice President of Economic Development, Smart Growth America
5:00pm Adjourn

More Resources

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Report & Studies by Smart Growth America 
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Safer Streets, Stronger Economies
The Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns (Madison, WI; West Des Moines, IA; Macon, GA)
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