LOCUS, Latin for “place,” is a national coalition of real estate developers and investors who know that transportation drives development and who advocate for sustainable, walkable urban development in our metropolitan areas. Around the country, real estate developers and investors recognize pent-up demand for and a market shift toward sustainable, walkable urban places. Homebuyers and businesses increasingly want smart growth development and LOCUS members understand these trends. Despite this market momentum, many local, state and federal policies currently in place hamper efforts to create the development our consumers want and which support strong local economies.LOCUS serves as a vital voice for real estate developers and investors to guide federal policy towards market driven trends that are more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for America’s future. LOCUS members bring hands-on experience and expertise on how America can create more jobs, increase property values and provide sustainable economic growth. meetthenatlsteeringcmte

Our Staff

Christopher B. Leinberger
cleinberger [at] locusdevelopers.org
Christopher A. Coes
ccoes [at] locusdevelopers.org
Victoria Maguire
Massachusetts State Director
vmaguire [at] locusdevelopers.org
Kira Hibbert
Program Associate
khibbert [at] locusdevelopers.org

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