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County of Kauaʻi, HI seeks parking solutions for Līhu’e Town Core

lihue2A road through Līhu’e, HI. Photo by Melissa Emmons via Flickr

The County of Kaua‘i is working to revitalize the Līhu‘e Town Core and position Rice Street as the main street of Kaua‘i. The County’s success, however, largely depends on managing parking in the area. To that end, County officials met in Līhu‘e with representatives from Smart Growth America on May 6 and 7, 2014 as part of a free, grant-funded technical assistance program.

“We are grateful to Smart Growth America for partnering with our team so that we can involve the entire community in this effort,” said Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. “Creating better parking solutions for the Līhu‘e’s Town Core is important to the revitalization of this area. We’ll use lessons learned and apply them to other parts of our island. It’s a great win-win for all concerned.”

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New Senate bill would make America’s streets safer and more accessible

Kailua, HIStudents in Kailua, HI, walk along a street with Complete Streets features. A new bill in the Senate would require Complete Streets considerations for federal projects. Photo via Charlier Associates.

Whether you walk, bike, drive or take transit, Complete Streets policies help make sure you travel safely and conveniently, and a new bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would encourage every community in the country to use these strategies.

On Friday, Senators Mark Begich (D-AK) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced the Safe Streets Act of 2014 (S. 2004), which would require all new federally-funded transportation projects use a Complete Streets approach to planning, designing and building roads to accommodate the safety and convenience of all users.

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Hawaii: Say “Aloha” To Transit-Oriented Development

This article orginally appeared on Streetsblog DC.

Honolulu, one of the most congested cities in the country, could benefit from more transit-oriented development. Photo: ShowBus

Not all transportation in Honolulu, Hawaii is a walk on the beach.

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and warm temperatures, Honolulu is also plagued by heavy traffic congestion and delays. High energy costs and a lack of transportation choices compound the challenges of getting around Hawaii’s state capital and most populous city.

To put it in perspective, Honolulu recently surpassed Los Angeles to become the city with the worst traffic in the nation. And on average, households in the City and County of Honolulu spent a whopping $13,598 each year on transportation alone, wasting an average of 58 hours in traffic during that time.

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Smart growth news – January 4, 2012

Transit tax break falls, driving benefit goes up
WHYY (Penn.), January 3, 2012
Geoff Anderson, president and CEO of Smart Growth for America, says the public transit benefit was briefly on par with breaks to pay to park at work. That benefit went up this year from $230 to $240. “I think everything is sort of under budget scrutiny right now,” says Anderson. What we can afford is “certainly a legitimate question, but then I’d ask it about subsidies for all the different forms of transportation.”

Smart-growth trend shifting focus away from sprawl
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (N.Y.), January 3, 2012
Shifting demographic and economic factors, coupled with a state policy that encourages smart-growth principles, signal a shift in the decades-old debate over suburban sprawl.

New Orleans: Federal Housing, Environmental Policies Clash
City Limits (N.Y.), January 4, 2012
Obama is trying to reverse that legacy with HUD’s Sustainable Communities initiative—which takes a cross-agency approach to build more cohesive, connected regions wherein transit development coordinates with housing development and job growth—and the Choice Neighborhoods program for transforming isolated public housing developments into integrated, mixed-income neighborhoods.

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A Deluge of Policies

In just the last nine months, 45 communities have adopted Complete Streets policies – just two shy of the record number of policies adopted in all of 2009. The sheer number of localities realizing the benefits of Complete Streets is inspiring, but it’s becoming more difficult to track. Help out by sharing your successes with us!

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Hawaii Complete Streets Bill Becomes Law

Governor Linda Lingle signed S.B. 718 into law on May 6, directing the Hawaii DOT and the county DOTs to establish complete streets policies.

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